Cal Poly FootballToday is Day 23 of the 25 Days of SLO Digital Adventure through San Luis Obispo with me, The Leesh!

There is ONLY 3 more days left people!!

Today, we are going to show some school spirit for my alma mater, Cal Poly!

Cal Poly is known for its hands-on teaching style and is home to fantastic engineering and agriculture programs. But Cal Poly is more than just an amazing place to be educated, it is home to some awesome sports teams!

Tonight will be an exciting game. The men’s basketball team takes on our (somewhat) rivals, UC Santa Barbara at 7pm! All the details can be found here. :) Make sure to keep posted on all the different sports throughout the season here.

No matter what your preference, Cal Poly sports is an exciting, cheap date night! Don’t forget to wear your green! Go Mustangs!

Stay tuned to continue on this digital adventure with me during the #25DaysofSLO and vote for Alycia Schaefer for SLO Ambassador!