day-19-voting-square---frog-and-peachToday is Day 19 of 25 Days of SLO Digital Adventure through San Luis Obispo with me, The Leesh!

Today, we are rolling out with our glasses in our hands, because it’s Pint Night! Does it feel like the weekend is just too far away? Then shimmy on down to Frog and Peach for some $1 beers to make the work week a little shorter! Yes… I just said $1! All you have to do is bring your Frog pint glass (or purchase one for $5) and you can get Coors Light and Bud Light for $1… in addition to other drink specials throughout the night.

And, they also have live bands playing all the time! I would call to make sure, but Pint night is usually super fun with some sweet tunes.  If you are like me, you will want to dance, which is perfect because there is a nice little dance floor in front of the stage.

Pint Night starts at 7pm, but doesn’t get too busy until around 9pm. For more info and directions go here!


Stay tuned to continue on this digital adventure with me during the #25DaysofSLO and vote for Alycia Schaefer for SLO Ambassador!