San Simeon Road Trip - 25 Days of SLOToday is Day 18 of 25 Days of SLO Digital Adventure through San Luis Obispo with me, The Leesh!

Today, we are buckling up and heading North… to visit the Elephant seals in San Simeon.

If you have never seen an elephant seal up close, you are missing out. You may be thinking, “OK, but I have seen plenty of seals in my day. What’s the big deal about elephant seals?” But that’s where you are wrong. Elephant seals are just what they sound like, the elephant (aka- humongous) version of the normal seal. The females grow to be up to 900-1800 pounds and the males grow to be 3,000-5,000 pounds… SERIOUSLY!?

The crazy thing is that the Northern Elephant seals migrate thousands of miles twice a year to land just north of SLO in San Simeon along Highway 1. Anyone can drive up and check them out from the viewing point for free! As you can see in my photo below- you can get pretty close!

There are seasonal creatures though… and the best time to visit is right NOW! The pregnant seals arrive around Christmas time and most arrive by the end of January. The “rookery” is where they give birth to their pups, who spend about 4 weeks nursing with their mom. After the pups are large enough to survive on their own, their moms breeds with the alpha males, then retreat to the ocean to build back up on food and nutrients (they fast during their nursing time – which is crazy). Once the pups are old enough (about two months later) they adventure out to see before returning for a visit around October/November. Then the process starts all over again!

Do you want to know some serious elephant seal facts? Where to find them, how big they can get, what food they like? Good! Here is the best site on the Northern Elephant Seal!

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