25 Days of SLO - Sunset Drive inToday is Day 13 of 25 Days of SLO Digital Adventure through San Luis Obispo with me, The Leesh!

Tonight is Date Night! So grab a bite to eat and pack some blankies, because the Sunset Drive In has two movies on deck for you tonight. Not every town can say they have a drive in, but SLO is just that special! The price ($7 for two movies) and the snacks are both super cheap, but the experience is not! What could be better than cuddling on a first date while watching a romantic comedy? M&M’s and red vines would be a nice touch if you ask me. This is also an awesome idea for Valentine’s Day… wink wink!

The Sunset Drive In has been around since 1950, that is a nice little piece of trivia for you! The video below is a neat little story about the history and the owner… check it out!

Location: 255 Elks Lane, San Luis Obispo CA 93401 

Call for Movies and Times: 805.544.4475

Prices:adult: $7.00, senior: 7.00, child: $2.00

Stay tuned to continue on this digital adventure with me during the #25DaysofSLO and vote for Alycia Schaefer for SLO Ambassador!