Today is the day we kick of the 25 Days of SLO Digital Adventure through San Luis Obispo. Today I am highlighting a “Hidden Treasure of SLO” that few people know about. When visiting the Central Coast, make sure to spend an afternoon at Cal Poly’s Leaning Pine Arboretum. What is an arboretum you ask? An arboretum is a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended at least partly for scientific study- aka a great place to go for a picnic!

Covering 5 acres, the Arboretum is home to hundreds of types of flora and fauna from all over the world! Pack a sandwich and frisbee, you will want to stay and play!

Stay tuned for the next 24 days to continue on this digital adventure with me during the #25DaysofSLO and vote for Alycia Schaefer for SLO Ambassador!